Friday, May 31, 2013

Look - Mira Flores

This is an old Free People's dress that I love and rewear! It's a light, silk dress and perfect for summer. I paired it with my Jeffrey Campbells I purchased on sale at Karmaloop! As a recent graduate, I am all about the discount!

1. Floral Print Dress - Free People: Marshall Field's
2. Cuffed Metallic Teal - Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Look - Lima Love

After 4 + years of a long distance relationship, Eduardo and I decided to get married in Lima, Peru (In his district Chorrillos). We had a civil ceremony and a lovely celebration with his family at home. Beautiful and simple. 

All of you dealing with a long distance relationship know my struggle and its worth! Anyone applying for I-130? I can give advice, but also would love to hear some of your insights!

I can't wait to be with him Stateside!  Applying for his Visa tomorrow!


1. Cream Lace Dress - Freepeople  Macy's
2. Cream Pumps - Carson's
3. Elephant Earring - Tarina Tarantino 

Friday, May 24, 2013

SSC Fashion Update: Iridescent Shoes & Purse

My inner 90's child is happy to have these two new iridescent pieces in my closet. I purchased the shoes for $50 and the purse, on sale, from $25 to $10. I am glad this trend is back, but regardless, I will always love this style. Plus the hidden-wedge in the shoes are a nice height cheat for short people like myself. 

 1. Deena & Ozzy Holographic - Hidden Wedge High-Top Sneaker - Urban Outfitters
 2.  Iridescent Purse - H&M

Thursday, May 23, 2013

SSC Photo Update


1. SALE! Iridescent shoes purchased from Urban Outffiters and purse from H&M
2. My outfit; Skull blouse and pink jeans <3
3. Orchids on a bright, sunny day
4. Collection of some of my gold bracelets placed on a glass Eiffel Tower bottle

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Look - Pastel Crosses

Are you a die-hard cross lover? I know I am! It's a simple, beautifully designed symbol that I incorporate in many of my pieces. Pastels are the go to look for spring. Add some crosses and you have sweet  appearance with an edge. 

Cross Sweater - SheInside
Beige Undershirt - Discovery Clothing
Pink Jeans - Mossimo Skinny Premium Denim: Target
Beige Heels - Mossimo Vivian Pointy Heel: Target

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Look - Chartreusely Blue

One of my ultimate favorite color blocking schemes: chartreuse and blue. This look was conceived with time, but it is one I love to wear on many occasions.

I am not afraid of repeating outfits, especially when I really enjoy it. My motto is wear what you love and own it, no shame.

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell: Metallic Teal Cuffed | Karmaloop (2012)
Knitted Sweater - Thrift Store (2012)
Skirt - Topshop (2012)
Knee Highs - Target (2012)
Cross/Rosary - Beauty Dollar Store (2012)
Bracelet - Tarina Tarantino (2012)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Look - Bordar Mi Vida

Summer has me colorful and distance has me inspired. My personal style tends to be rather colorful, so I feel this is a great first post. The skirt was the foundation piece for this look. I purchased the bright embroidered skirt in Lima, Peru on February, 2013.

I've been to Peru many times and am constantly inspired by its traditional elements. Living in Chicago, I am also inspired by Mexican and other Latino influences. This piece is an ode to those beautiful and bold inspirations, with a modern twist.

The Look:
Traditional Peruvian Skirt - Market in Lima, Peru
Rainbow Knitted Vest - Forever 21
Flower Hair Pins - Beauty Dollar Store
Pink Heels -  Akira
Necklace - Market in Lima, Peru