Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Look - Lotuskull

I found the shirt at Unique Thrift Store in Uptown, Chicago. It reminded me of the art found in Inu-Yasha manga by Rumiko Takahashi.

I paired it pink pants from Target to pull out the pink of the lotuses and wore green wedges to tie-up the whole look.

1. Skull and Lotus Shirt - Unique Thrift Store
2. Pink Pants - Target
3. Green Wedges - Unique Thrift Store

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SSC Update

The Loyola Park, in Rogers Park aka Ropo, Chicago (park + beach) is so beautiful. This is one more reason why I love Chicago. There are so many scenic views and diverse communities in this city.

I love how this park has an annual wall art event. Every year there is an opportunity to paint on a seat wall facing the beach. It's beautiful! 

Look - 3782.07 C-L

This look is influenced by my husband and Peru. My husband liked this skirts and picked it out from all the insanely detailed skirts we saw. He prefers more simpler looks, I just add a little more eccentric to it. 

Simple and eccentric can go hand-in-hand. To get the full-circle appearance, I used three petticoats.

The name of this look represents the distance between me and my husband, from Chicago to Lima. We're in the initial visa process, wish us luck!

1. Peruvian Skirt - Local Market in Lima, Peru
2. Red Sandal Wedges - Forever21
3. Red Bakelite Bracelets - Antique Store
4. Alpaca Rainbow Dyed Accessory - Local Market in Lima, Peru

Look - Bone Jacked

Good evening! This is a vintage look. The dress is from the 1970's and so is the term 'Bone Jacked," which means taking on the style of someone who has passed on. 

I paired this look with clip-on yellow and green flowers, iridescent stud earrings,
green beaded necklace, and yellow nail polish.

My cat named Kittyman also makes an appearance in this look. He's my big boy. He is a beautiful, old deaf kitty.

1. 1970's Vintage Dress - Thrift Store (Evanston, IL)
2. Flower Accessories - Beauty Dollar Store
3. Beige HeelsMossimo Vivian Pointy Heel (Target)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

SSC Update

So, sorry for not posting any Coveted Cosas in a few weeks. My only excuse is the real-world just got a little hectic. No worries, though, things should be back to normal soon!

Also, still no decent camera. Sorry, but I must stick to the my cellphone to document la vida.

So . . . here's a little sneak peek of what I've been up to! Besides beach days, working out, maintaining career and familial responsibilities, I have documented a night out with my girls.

Below, my friends and I were celebrating our friend's birthday at the rooftop bar called ROOF at the Wit Hotel on 27th floor in downtown Chicago. And yes, the view was gorgeous! 

The Buckingham Fountain picture was taken later during the Taste of Chicago, I'll share some of those later, hopefully.


Look - Embroider Encore

Another of my favorite embroidered looks. It's an encore and with the same flower decorations I wore in the Bordar Mi Vida look. I am all about re-cycling elements of my looks that I adore.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look - Blue Bees

Here is my ode to a fashionable bee keeper. I used shaping, color blocking, grandiose pieces to create this look. To me, you always stand out when you play with these elements!

I took a knee length American Apparel skirt and used a petticoat to add unrealistic, drastic hips. I bunched up the two corners of the petticoat and pinned them to the sides.

The bee pins and black ring are vintage bakelite found by my mother in the 1980s at an antique store. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

SSC Update: Chicago Pride Parade 2013

Hope you're enjoying LGBT Pride Month where-ever you are!

SSC Update: Techweek Chicago 2013 + Chicago Blackhawks Win

Hi again, it's time for an update! I was fortunate enough to receive tickets to Techweek Chicago 2013, a three day event (June 27-29) located on the 8th floor of the Merchandise Mart downtown. 

My pass gave me access to the Expo Hall for each three days and access to the Hiring Fair on Saturday, June 29th from 12pm-3pm. I feel that the one day was enough to see the Expo in it's entirety, however I am glad I was able to attend the Hiring Fair.

Higher level passes had access to seminars, after parties, and much more. Since, I am not the hugest tech enthusiast, I did not feel this was necessary for me to benefit from the event.  I was able to network, enjoy a free drink from Groupon's Happy Hour, learn more about the tech community.

While networking, I learned that a few of the companies who had space at Techweek Chicago to showoff their companies had to pay a lot of money and were not happy with how the venue was organized and their actual placement within the venue.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Techweek. I learned about new and older tech companies, met engaging people, and loved the more funky-causal environment (A lot of people were dressed super stylish! It's so true that tech and style can go together). 

Did any of you attend Techweek? 

Other news, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! How cool is that? I guess, it was a good time for me to start getting involved in Hockey. I am a Litzenbeger after-all.