Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Look - 3782.07 C-L

This look is influenced by my husband and Peru. My husband liked this skirts and picked it out from all the insanely detailed skirts we saw. He prefers more simpler looks, I just add a little more eccentric to it. 

Simple and eccentric can go hand-in-hand. To get the full-circle appearance, I used three petticoats.

The name of this look represents the distance between me and my husband, from Chicago to Lima. We're in the initial visa process, wish us luck!

1. Peruvian Skirt - Local Market in Lima, Peru
2. Red Sandal Wedges - Forever21
3. Red Bakelite Bracelets - Antique Store
4. Alpaca Rainbow Dyed Accessory - Local Market in Lima, Peru

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