Monday, June 3, 2013

Coveted Cosas

Hey, I started a new section called Coveted Cosas, a term created from a fusion of English and Spanish words. Every Week, items or cosas (things) I would like to have will be posted. I will do my best to provide links so you can purchase these beauties, if you so desire!

I guess this week's theme is handmade necklaces. Not intentional, but great works tend to be handmade or custom made with skill. They are loud, proud, statement pieces that enhance a variety of looks!
Tatty Devine
'Mexican' Embroidery Necklace - White
     Photo of woman by Saga Sig, Lucia O'Conner-McCarthy
The Tatty Devine 'Mexican' Embroidery Necklace comes in a variety of colors and tones, but I just love the starkness and elegance of the white. Classic and simple, que linda! 

The necklace can be purchased from Tatty Devine directly for £85 ($128) plus shipping or at Nordstroms for $148 with free shipping and free returns.

Vultress - Egyptian Vulture Necklace

This stunning vulture necklace is handmade and can be purchased on Etsy.  To purchase you must place a custom order as this necklace is made with high quality material, a lot of time, and skilled craftsmanship. 

The Vultress comes with a custom case specifically designed for the necklace. There is an obvious wait time, but with the high-quality and presentation of this work it is worth the cost and time!

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