Sunday, June 16, 2013

SSC Happy Father's Day

Hi everyone and Happy Father's Day to all the great father's out there! I made this post because I love my pops and I wanted to share the gifts we got him. He deserves the best because he is a hard working, loving, and compassionate man and dad! 

My dad doesn't typically dress-up on a day to day basis because of his job, so that's why on this day (and many others) my mother and I want to make sure he can look stylish and unique!

We purchased these items at Andersonville Galleria, a diverse boutique in the Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago. They have an assortment of merchandise by different artists and stores all in one place. 

The t-shirt is made locally in Chicago by Transit Tees. The design is based on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train lines/routes. I purchased one for my husband, and my father wanted one, so voila! 

The socks are made by Sock it to Me. They have all sorts of fun, funky, and eccentric socks for both men and women. 

Love you daddy!!

1. Chicago CTA Train Line T-shirt - Transit Tees (Andersonville Galleria)
2. Octopus and Constellations Socks - Sock it to Me (Andersonville Galleria)

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